Celebrating A Don’t Sweat Mom – Courtney

Courtney Norman


Biggest Challenge of Being a Mom

For me, the biggest challenge of being a mom is not comparing myself to others. It is SO easy to say “Well so and so does this so I should too…” Even throughout pregnancy we are so quick to compare ourselves against other moms. Learning to remember that what works for me might not work for you, and vice versa.

Being a Don’t Sweat Mom Means

Choosing joy over stress. Not worrying about the things you won’t remember in 5 years anyway. Leaving the dishes dirty in the sink to play a round of tag. Choosing peace in times of Chaos.

A Wish For Other Moms

I would tell other moms to remember that when your kids are grown up people aren’t going to talk about how clean or dirty your house was when your kids were growing up, they are going to remember how you cultivated a positive home environment and raised a happy healthy kid.

Favorite Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms Chapter

Chapter 30 “Powered With Your Passion”. I loved this chapter because it was so encouraging. It talked about being filled up in order to pour out, which is something moms often forget to do as we run ourselves ragged. Finding something that gives you joy that isn’t necessarily connected to your husband or kids can be so empowering.

About Courtney

Courtney Norman is the blogger behind JourneyofaDreamer.com (http://journeyofadreamer.com/) and is also known as Mrs Dreamer. Wife to Mr Dreamer and Momma to 2 year old Little Dreamer. She believes that to live big you must first dream big (and that everything is better with sparkles). She is obsessed with running, crossfit and all things Disney.
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