Celebrating a Don’t Sweat Mom~Susan

Biggest Challenge of Being a Mom

The biggest challenge of being a mom of 3 is to ensure that my middle child doesn’t get lost in the family. Watching the dynamics of my middle child go from being the baby to the middle was not easy for him. Even though my youngest daughter (2 yrs old) and my oldest daughter (13 yrs old) are developmentally at opposite ends of the spectrum, it’s easier to tend to their needs. My middle son (9 yrs old) probably has it the roughest and I’m constantly perplexed!

Being a Don’t Sweat Mom Means

Sometimes my kids don’t like me very much when they don’t get what they want and that’s ok. With my first child I wanted to be her everything. Her world was my world, but when her brother was born, it wasn’t the two of us anymore. Now there was sibling rivalry. There were some tough times with the adjustment of two children and I was not popular with one or the other at any given time. That bothered me a lot. When my third was born, it felt like my family was finally complete. The two siblings were older and could see the needs of their new sister and I think they finally understood why I did the things I did. I’m way more relaxed now about how I’m raising my youngest and it’s been a lot more peaceful all the way around.

A Wish For Other Moms

It’s okay to pursue your own desires. If you sacrifice too much of yourself to everyone else in your family, your happiness may suffer. When you balance your needs with the family’s, not only do you find more joy and fulfillment in life, but you also set an example for your children to pursue their dreams and to not be afraid of the unknown. I have a feeling it will help when the children are out of the house and on their own. By not abandoning your own interests, the empty nest transition won’t be such a shock to your system…that’s my theory anyway. I’ll know soon enough if it’s true!

Favorite Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms Chapter

Lifeline Sundays! I thought I was the only one that took a break on Sundays. Sundays are sacred to me and my kids know it. It’s a day when I can sleep in and not even brush my teeth if I don’t want to!

About Susan

I am a woman who does it all! Being a divorced mother of 3 children, ages 2, 9, 13, there’s never a dull moment. My brain activity has all cylinders firing at all times. When I’m not being a mom, I have the privilege of working with motivated people who are interested in getting healthy. You can find me chairside as a Dental Hygienist as well as an entrepreneur, both online and in person. My businesses are focused on empowering people to achieve their desired level of well-being through health coaching. My newest endeavor is starting a non-profit organization to help single parents raise their children. Stop by my websites and say “Hi!”


Slow Down and
Wake Up to your Life

Slow Down and Wake Up to the Wisdom of Your Heart.

What are we really so stressed out about?

Richard said in his book “You Can Be Happy No Matter What:” “Stress is nothing more than a socially accepted form of mental illness.” If stress were real, the same things would trigger each of us and our experience of stress would be universal. As a culture, we have bought into the idea that being busy and especially appearing busy are signs of productivity, and if we appear too relaxed then we are not producing at a competitive rate. We couldn’t be further off the mark, and our frenetic pace of life is not initiating any sort of peace and happiness in our lives nor higher productivity. It is proven that we are most clear and responsive to life when we are calm and centered thus increasing our ability to access creativity and decisive thinking.

If someone told you tomorrow that you had one week to live, do you think you would be immersed in the same thoughts and problems that you perceive today?

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