Celebrating a Don’t Sweat Mom:
Jayne from MoanaSaves.com

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Biggest Challenge of Being a Mom

Jayne: Being a mom is like living the life of a juggler. As a mom I’m constantly juggling my children’s needs and schedules, along with mine and my husband’s. I believe one of the biggest challenges of being a mom is remembering to not let the routine aspects detract from what’s the most important, showing love for and teaching my children.

Being a Don’t Sweat Mom Means

Jayne: Being a Don’t Sweat Mom means picking your battles and finding balance in your life. I’ve been a mom for 10 years and I’ve experienced periods where I neglected my personal needs which reduced my reservoir of strength and my ability to find peace in my role as a mother. As I take better care of myself I can better care for my family. It’s true that if ‘Mom isn’t happy then nobody’s happy.’ 

A Wish For Other Moms

Jayne: Have a positive perspective. Motherhood has many phases, from the ‘up all night with a newborn’ phase to the ‘up all night waiting for the teenager to come home’ phase. Just try to find joy in each phase. When you’re in the trenches of sleep deprivation or stress it’s easy to feel like things will never get better when in fact this phase will be over so quickly you’ll someday long for those quiet nights when you were up late with your child, comforting and caring for them.

Favorite Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Chapter

Jayne: My favorite chapter was: Mother Knows Best. “Our challenges are often aggrendized by our fears.” (page 99) My personality is that of a worrier and I’m always making mole hills into mountains. This chapter reminded me that I do know my children best and therefore I will (most of the time) know how best to help them if I take baby steps and calmly think things through. “Often, our worries and concerns are bigger enemies then the issue we face.” (page 101) Overly stressing and worrying only raises tensions and makes problem solving more difficult. Plus, there’s no need to fret over ‘what might be’ because no matter how much we wish for it we’ll never have the power to control the future. (Sad but true!)

Jayne lives on the North Shore of Oahu with her husband and three daughters. She love to read, hike, cook, and play at the beach with her family. Something unique about Jayne is that she loves finding new recipes and rarely repeats cooking the same meal. Her recipe blog is Dishlist.blogspot.com. She also blogs at MoanaSaves.com about products and tips that make home life easier and more fun.

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