Slow Down and
Wake Up to your Life

Slow Down and Wake Up to the Wisdom of Your Heart.

What are we really so stressed out about?

Richard said in his book “You Can Be Happy No Matter What:” “Stress is nothing more than a socially accepted form of mental illness.” If stress were real, the same things would trigger each of us and our experience of stress would be universal. As a culture, we have bought into the idea that being busy and especially appearing busy are signs of productivity, and if we appear too relaxed then we are not producing at a competitive rate. We couldn’t be further off the mark, and our frenetic pace of life is not initiating any sort of peace and happiness in our lives nor higher productivity. It is proven that we are most clear and responsive to life when we are calm and centered thus increasing our ability to access creativity and decisive thinking.

If someone told you tomorrow that you had one week to live, do you think you would be immersed in the same thoughts and problems that you perceive today?

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