Choose Happiness and Peace Over Stress

Choose Happiness and Peace Over Stress

Welcome to our new site designed especially to celebrate the Moms of this world!

Really, take a sigh of relief when you read “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Moms.” It’s all about strategies that help you stress less  and enjoy your family more!  And, that’s cause for celebration!

If you’re a mom that’s showing up here, chances are, you are already doing an awesome job as a parent. Truth is, all we need is a little lighthearted nudge, now and then, to wake us up to seeing our world renewed with a fresh set of “rose tinted” glasses and a new perspective.

Meaning, staying inspired is well over half the job we have to do as a Mom. If the woman is the heart of the home, and the heart of the home is happy, well, that says it all, doesn’t it?

Happiness and peace grow inside us like seedlings, and new growth must be nourished by self-care and strengthened with renewed passion. Happiness is not a pursuit; it is, however, a perspective. And, inner peace can’t be bought or sold but must be
cultivated within through life practice.  How you start your day and how you live your day is relevant to accessing your inner peace and wisdom and slowing down from the inside.

BREATHE! (You’ll see lots of chapters encouraging you to do more of what you do naturally.)

Become a Don’t Sweat Mom! Don’t sweat the small stuff— life is just too short to let the minor annoyances weigh you down and steal your joy.

Here’s this week’s question for you to ponder: How do you think choosing happiness and peace over stress will impact yours and your family’s life?

Treasure the Gifts of Life and Love,

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6 thoughts on “Choose Happiness and Peace Over Stress

  1. Whew…just can’t hear this message enough! One way we have chosen peace over stress for the summer is to say “no thank you” to softball/baseball season. The kids are still young and we have plenty of sporty summers ahead. Dedicating a summer to a free schedule has injected joy into our lives and it hasn’t even started;) Thanks for sharing a wonderful blog and much needed message!

  2. Thank you for sharing your insight on prayer and quiet time. I start every morning with my personal peaceful practice.

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